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Lab Notes is a monthly, internationally distributed newsletter written by the DFCL’s student interns. Each edition offers a diverse range of articles, including expert interviews in fields related to law enforcement and education, the latest in digital forensics news, valuable resources, and a special Student Spotlight Feature.

Archive of Newletters

Volume 1

February 2023

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Volume 2

March 2023

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Volume 3

April 2023

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Volume 4

May 2023

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Volume 5

June/July 2023

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Volume 6

September 2023

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Volume 7

October 2023

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Volume 8

November 2023

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Volume 9

January 2024

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Volume 10

February 2024

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Volume 11

March 2024

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Volume 12

April 2024

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Volume 13

May 2024

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Volume 14

June/July 2024

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